Hawley Council is looking for ways to fund paving Paupack Street, which is badly eroded.

HAWLEY - Hawley Council is looking for ways to fund paving Paupack Street, which is badly eroded.

Both Paupack Street and Falls Avenue, in Hawley’s old Eddy section, are fractured with large potholes. They connect Welwood Avenue at the rail crossing, with the county bridge that leads to the Cromwelltown hamlet on the Palmyra Township, Pike County side.

Duane Austin, a Paupack Street resident, was on the agenda to again ask what can be done about her street.

Before she could, however, Council President Ann Monaghan announced the good news that the borough has reached out to Eastern Propane to see if any contribution could be made towards the cost to fix the street. Eastern Propane, based in Cromwelltown, must use Falls Avenue and Paupack Street each day, going out and back with their heavy fuel trucks.

Monaghan said that she spoke with Randy, the local manager at Eastern Propane, who agrees that work needs to be done. She said he is forwarding the request to their corporate office. “We are trying to work with Eastern Propane to get something down there; I can’t promise a time-frame,” she said.

Ask Brookfield too

Hawley Deputy Fire Chief Eugene E. Krause suggested also reaching out to Brookfield Renewable, the power company that owns the hydroelectric plant at Kimbles (as well as Lake Wallenpaupack). Krause noted that Brookfield also uses the streets to reach Cromwelltown to get to their road leading to the plant.

Austin expressed her pleasure that an effort was being made. She joked that it would be better if the street were dirt than the condition it is today.

Monaghan said that Falls Avenue was not included at this time but may be added once all the price estimates are back.

Monaghan estimated that it has probably been 10 years or more since the borough had Paupack Street and Falls Avenue paved. The section of Falls leading to Ledges Hotel’s parking area was done by the owners in recent years.

Join with Church Street

Meanwhile, Lou Coza, representing the borough’s engineering firm Kiley Associates, obtained preliminary estimates for options to repave part of Church Street, from the railroad crossing to the bridge (where Church meets Welwood Avenue).

A full depth reclamation of the street would cost around $85,000. Milling and overlaying the street would cost around $65,000. A paved overlay with fabric would be around $55,000, Coza said. He did not recommend the cheapest route. He also had a quote for doing as many as eight core samples, to determine the full extent of the required work; the price is $2,500. Once the core samples are taken and analyzed, better budget figures can be calculated.

Council vice-president Elaine Herzog recommended expanding the study, all the way to the Cromwelltown Bridge, so that Paupack Street and Falls Avenue can be included in cost estimates.

Church Street was described as their busiest borough street, with all the traffic coming from and going to the developments and Woodloch Pines Resort, in Lackawaxen Township.

While Paupack and Falls remain in bad shape, Cromwell Street, the “main street” in Cromwelltown which carries the same truck traffic, is in much better condition. Palmyra Township performed tar and chip work on Cromwell Street in 2017 as part of a contracted program to rehabilitate a dozen low-volume township roads. The Township maintenance crew also dug up and repaved certain sections of Cromwell.

Hawley Borough’s crew has also done temporary patching on their troublesome streets, while council seeks funds for paving.

A paving bid award was also announced for another project, a section of Maple Avenue. An application had been approved under the Community Development Block Grant program.  The bid, announced by the County of Wayne, was $35,214.50, from E. R. Linde Construction.  

Hawley Council meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, 94 Main Avenue. The office may be reached at 570-226-9545.