MILFORD – May is Tick Borne Disease Awareness Month, and TBD Support Network’s Support Group participants will speak up at a press conference on Saturday, May 12.

Lyme is not the only tick borne disease.

The event will take place at Pike County Public Library, 119 E. Harford St., Milford, 10:30 a.m. – noon.

During the event, attendees will learn about:

What it’s like living with tick borne diseases; Complexity: Issues Related to Why It Is Not Simple to Deal With Tick Borne Diseases; Important data regarding pathogens found in Pennsylvania and Milford Borough; and Dr. Robert A. Ollar, microbiologist, will discuss serious implications of pathogens found in Pike County.

The mission of the TBD Support Network, Inc., a nonprofit organization, is to engage in education, advocacy and research to empower individuals afflicted with tick borne diseases. The Network is the only organization dedicated to those sick from tick borne diseases in the Northeast.

The TBD Support Group, a division of the TBD Support Network, is a face-to-face adult self-help group. Guest speakers’ topics include nutrition, yoga, meditation, new research on tick borne diseases and taking charge of one’s healthcare.

For more information, call 570-503-6334, or visit the TBD Support Network’s Facebook page.