The News Eagle extends a sincere wish to all for a Happy Mother’ Day. But how is that possible?

A good portion of us likely no longer have their mother here. Some, sadly, didn’t have the best of experiences growing up and perhaps never knew their real mother.

Is it fair to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day?

These holidays can be bittersweet, I must admit. I was fortunate to have had a wonderful upbringing with my mother, who passed away when I was in my senior year of college. She was 64. Her name was Elsa Wilson Garratt Harrison Becker.

She was a Mom who really loved and cared, and passed on her legacy of virtues and interests.

Like most of course I have my regrets, but I am very thankful for the times we had.

Holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day might not seem much if you no longer have them with you. All this fuss made, and we no longer have our parent to call, to visit, to talk to, to write to, to listen to, to say, “I love you.”

Yet we have our memories, and I hope for the most part they are sweet. We also can find within ourselves traits of our love ones, we can carry on and pass to others.

It may not have been your real biological mother. It may be your adopted Mom, a grandmother, an aunt who was like a Mom, a friend who was more of a mother-figure in your life in a lot of ways.

We have much to celebrate. You may even be a Mom. Congratulations to you. The gift of Motherhood is a precious thing.

Make some Mom, even not your own, feel a little more special this Mother’s Day by wishing her the very best.