WALLENPAUPACK - On Friday, April 20, Wallenpaupack Area School District Career Coordinator Mrs. Colleen Edwards arranged for students to job shadow at Wayne Memorial Hospital. 

Junior Brydee Burke had the opportunity to observe in the Blood Laboratory. “I learned that a machine separates and pushes the blood cells to the bottom, so testing can be done,” commented Brydee. Additionally, the medical technician will look more closely at laboratory testing using a computer. Junior Emily Talbot had a chance to shadow in Good Shepherd Rehabilitation.

“It was amazing to see the special connection Occupational Therapists Linda Moore and Jessica O’Neil had with their patients,” Talbot said.

Patients were learning how to use a tool to help them with laundry and practicing walking up and down hallways. 

Junior Annarose McLaughlin observed Nurse Practioner David Mcallister in the Emergency Room.  While there, the Nurse Practitioner completed patient assessments as well as requesting further evaluations. Annarose said, “I was also able to understand how professionals assess patient symptoms and learn about Patient Care Reports, restocking medications, and various medical equipment.” 

Finally, sophomore Alyssa Miller shadowed two vascular technologists, Mr. Jim Andidora and Mr. Enrico Anelli. “I observed two vascular ultrasound studies and learned about triphasic, biphasic, and monophasic waveforms,” said Alyssa. “It is amazing that the sound waves sent through the body come back to create an image, almost like echolocation in dolphins or bats.” 

Mrs. Edwards and the students are grateful for this educational and informative experience.