MILFORD - At the May 7th Milford Council meeting, Mayor Sean Strub recognized Heather Almodoval, a nurse and Harford Street resident who came upon an individual who had overdosed in front of Dunkin’ Donuts and Smoke Shop and was unresponsive without a pulse.

She asked the business personnel to contact 911 as she performed CPR and brought the person back to life.

Almodoval also was helpful by sharing her knowledge about Narcan which is carried in the borough police vehicles and can be administered by all borough police officers.

The incident occurred on April 21st, the same day as the Toast to Milford.

Mayor recognizes Haar and McCormack

Mayor Strub made a point to recognize Parks, Trees & Recreation committee chairwoman Annette Haar’s quick thinking in her response to a lot of litter being found at the basketball court in Ann Street Park.

Haar, upon noticing the mess, had the netting removed from the basketball hoops and signs will be erected that informed all that the nets would not be replaced until the mess was cleaned up.

Strub also commended the new Police Chief Matt McCormack for the heightened moral of the police force and also his idea of establishing a nonprofit foundation to support the department and raise money and suggested that the way to accomplish this with the least cost was to do this under the umbrella of the Greater Pike Community Foundation.

Chief outlines enforcement plans

McCormack said he received about 40 calls wondering what happened to the basketball hoops, going on to say that it was one of the most intelligent things he has seen done! The trash was picked up by someone although not thought to be by any of those responsible for it being there in the first place.

GPS monitoring devices are being looked at for each patrol vehicle, not to see where the cars have been, but in the event of an emergency to be able to locate the vehicle.

Expanding on his role as school resource officer at Wallenpaupack Area High School, he will be keeping lines of communication open with borough youth. Also his training as a bicycle patrol officer will be put to use and another bike is being looked into to replace the outdated bike already owned by the borough.

An updated phone system is being looked at with individual mail boxes for each officer. McCormack will be working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to secure grants which could provide funding for additional officers for special events. Grants are being looked at that will cover the cost of the new bike as well as a myriad of other equipment including bullet proof vests. Triage medical kits are also being looked into that will be carried by all officers.

Pedestrian safety enforcement

When prompted by resident Valerie Meyer about crosswalk safety, Chief McCormack said he plans to step up enforcement of the crosswalk law within the borough when funding is obtained.

Two officers are needed to carry out the enforcement, one being a decoy in the crosswalk and the other to apprehend the violator. J-walking will also receive targeted enforcement as the sidewalks and signs are in place for safe street crossing, pedestrians are expected to use them and they will be discouraged from darting out into the highway from between cars in the middle of the block.
[Other meeting items are reported separately.]

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