CLARION, Pa. - Katherine Vishneva, of Hemlock Farms, graduated May 12th from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a MPA in Business Administration. She went back for her Masters after 10 years away from college and while raising a family and holding down a full time job.

She shared her story behind this achievement:

“Each student has a unique story about their journey that brought them to the commencement day. My own story has been filled with rewarding learning experience, and supportive student environment that I have been the part of at Clarion University of Pennsylvania,” Ms. Vishneva said.

“This spring I have graduated with the MBA degree, my dream that just a few years ago seemed like an unreachable goal. This year marks an anniversary - 10 years ago I graduated from Brooklyn College with the Bachelor`s degree in Finance and Management.

“I have always wanted to pursue graduate degree and it have always stayed in my mind as I started my career in corporate finance after graduation. Finally I decided to return to graduate school and picked Clarion University as my Alma Mater.

“Balancing family, full time work as an accountant, and studies has not been easy all these years. But it has been worth it.

“Our two small daughters Valerie 8, and Pauline 5, saw me spending hour after hour on homework. Such experience has inspired them to perform better in school. Valerie is looking to become a pilot (after her uncle) while Pauline wants to become a doctor as her grandmother. From such early age the children understand that hard work pays off if you are trying your best. Investing in knowledge makes a lasting impact on everyone no matter the age.

“In order to be successful, we all need to be willing to put in our best efforts and time. I have made this commitment to my family to complete my graduate degree and I am happy and thankful to everyone who supported me through this journey,” she said.