What: Marketing breakfast seminar
When: Thursday, June 21, 7 a.m.
Where: Best Western Inn, Westfall Township
Cost: $10.00 for Pike County Chamber members and $15.00 for “future members”
RSVP: Call 570-296-8700 by June 20.

PIKE COUNTY - Growth in the number of private sector businesses and the number of employees in Pike County exceeds eight nearby counties in the tri-state area, said Michael J. Sullivan, Executive Director of the Pike County Economic Development Authority (EDA).

Average payroll, however, grew less, and remains the lowest in the region, according to American Factfinder data shared by the Pike EDA.

Breakfast seminar

With Pike County, the nine counties are plotted on a map released as part of a “business-to-business” marketing strategy to be presented at a breakfast seminar hosted by the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. The event, Thursday, June 21, starts at 7 a.m. at the Best Western Inn, Westfall Township (close to the I-84 exit at Matamoras).

Those counties include:

PA counties of Pike, Wayne, Monroe and Lackawanna; NY counties of Sullivan, Orange and Ulster and NJ counties of Sussex and Warren.

Private sector businesses are those providing jobs not directly connected with government or school district-related activities.

Data up

In 2016, Pike County had the least number of these businesses and the least aggregate labor pool, but both grew the fastest from 2015.

During 2016, Pike had 918 private sector businesses and 8469 paid employees. Annual payroll totaled $240,728,000.

To compare, Wayne County had 1321 businesses, 12,420 employees and a payroll of $428,593,000.

Orange County had the most, with 9456 businesses, 117,570 employees and a payroll of $4,596,731,000.

Although Pike had the least businesses and employees, check the percentage growth: Pike County grew by 3.26% in the number of businesses (29 more than in 2015) and 5.4% in the employee number (436 more than the year before).

Wayne County grew by only 0.84% in the number of businesses (11 more) and 1.53% in number of employees (187 more).

Warren County had the least percentage change: MINUS  1.14% in number of businesses (28 less) and 0.13% more employees (36 more).

Payroll up 3.05%, but…

Concerning annual payroll, Pike County took third place among the nine counties in percentage growth from 2015 to 2016. Pike grew by 3.05%; the average salary went from $28,424.61 to $27,582.10.

Pike’s average payroll, however, was the lowest among the nine counties.

Wayne County came in top place, 3.51%. Average salary went from $34,508.29 to $33,338.51.

The 2016 rates, by county and percentage change include:

Sussex County $40,897.45, +3.29%

Warren County $43,588.70, -1.62%

Orange County $39,097.82, +1.94%

Sullivan County $33,412.59, +2.01%

Ulster County $35,405.21, +0.71%

Lackawanna County $36,403.81, +0.48%

Monroe County $35,720.52, - 2.73%

Pike County $28,424.61, +3.05%

Wayne County $34,508.29, +3.51%.

Place to do business

“We’re pleased to see it,” Sullivan stated. As director the Pike County EDA, in concert with the EDA’s board of directors, he is charged with tracking the economy of Pike County, advocating and marketing Pike County for business and sustainable jobs.

While it took a few years for Pike to rebound since the official end of the Great Recession in the summer of 2009, he said the main thing is over. He reiterated their theme that Pike county is “the place to do business” and contains some inherent advantages. Among them is one shared by other counties on the west side of the Delaware River.

He reminded that Pennsylvania has favorable tax laws conducive for business, when compared to New York and New Jersey. Pike County, on the PA side of the tri-state corner and along I-84, is being recognized in the business world, he noted.

At the seminar

At the upcoming seminar, business owners will hear about a new marketing strategy that will allow businesses in Pike to identify new customers and markets for their business services and goods well beyond the traditional borders of Pike County.

This support will extends into eight adjoining counties with about 40,000 businesses contained within this region. A map released by the Pike EDA shows Shohola Falls, Pike County at center with a 50 mile radius taking in all or most of tech counties listed before.

Obtaining lists of these business contacts would have been very costly, Sullivan noted. The data, however, is being provided through the University of Scranton’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Filters will be used to narrow down select business clients based on desired criteria, depending on the needs of the user.

Donna Simpson of the University of Scranton SBDC and Michael Sullivan of Pike EDA will lead the one hour seminar.

Combined with breakfast, the seminar on Thursday, June 21st begins at 7 a.m., at the Best Western Inn, Westfall Township (off I-84, near Matamoras). The cost is $10.00 for Pike County Chamber of Commerce members and $15.00 for “future members.”

Reservations are required. Contact the Chamber at 570-296-8700 by June 20.