LAKEVILLE - The Paupack Township supervisors’ meeting took place on Thursday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m.

Although Thursday's meeting only lasted just shy of a half hour, a rather important decision was made in this brief period of time.

Chairman Leigh Gilbert recognized that the local ambulance company, Commonwealth Health Emergency Medical Services, did not send a report for the month of June.

In fact, the Commonwealth Health has not sent a single monthly report for the entire 2018 year thus far.

The board of supervisors consists of Chairman, Bruce Chandler, Jim Martin and Leigh Gilbert. The solicitor is Ron Bugaj,

The four gentlemen agreed that not keeping the citizens of Paupack Township informed is simply not acceptable.

Paupack Township pays the Commonwealth Health a monthly tax allocation of $4,400.

Both the board, and the individuals in attendance of the meeting agreed that monthly ambulance reports contain information that the public and the board of supervisors deserve to know.

Chairman Gilbert went on to explain that Commonwealth Health was not always this inconsistent with their monthly reports.

In fact, the Paupack Township board had received consistent comprehensive monthly reports from the company in recent years.

Due to the agreed importance of these monthly reports, the board of supervisors agreed unanimously to withhold the $4,400 monthly payment until Commonwealth Health agrees to resume sending monthly reports.

[Other meeting items are reported in Wednesday’s print edition.]

The Paupack Township meeting was officially adjourned at 6:50 p.m. The board meets on the second Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the township offices on Daniels Road, Lakeville.