This is a corrected version. The following report corrects some biographical information concerning Ronald Schmalzle.

MILFORD - The Pike County Commissioners meeting took place on Tuesday, July 3. The meeting was called to action at 9 a.m. and began with the usual reciting of The Pledge of Allegiance.

Immediately following the pledge, Chairman, Matthew Osterberg announced that the commissioners were welcoming Ronald Schmalzle to the team of Pike County Commissioners.

Osterberg stated that both he and Commissioner, Steve Guccini are excited to work with Schmalzle and that he is confident it will be a, "great partnership."

According to Osterberg, having Schmalzle on the team will add a new dimension to what the Commissioners are trying to accomplish in the county, which includes attempting to build a stronger community.

Osterberg also stated that Schmalzle has a great deal of useful experience in the business sector, which is necessary to build a county such as Pike. Osterberg explained that Schmalzle is not only up to date on the issues that are facing the residents of Pike County, but that he is also aware of what the Commissioners have been doing so far.

Guccini also formally welcomed Schmalzle to the team of Pike County Commissioners and stated that he would be a, "great addition" to the team.  

According to Guccini, the team will continue to work together and quite simply, "try to do the right thing."

The new commissioner is a life long resident of Pike County. He and his wife Mary, who is a second grade teacher at Wallenpaupack, have for children, Stephanie, Jonathan, Rachel and Carter.

Schmalzle has been a chair of the Hotel Tax Board since its inception roughly 12 years ago.

Schmalzle owns and operates a number of businesses in the area including Ski Big Bear at Masthope Mountain and Costa's Family Fun Park. He is in Community Management at Masthope Mountain Community. In addition, he is executive director and a retainer based consultant for Camping Management Corp. Their companies and management contracts employ more then 750 seasonal, part time and full time people.

In his comments he prepared when asking to be considered for the role as commissioner, Schmalzle stated in part,

"I would like to serve the community further as a Commissioner and believe I can be a dynamic and forward thinking leader with a keen focus on what is best for the people who live and visit Pike County.  Over the last few months and prior to this current opening, I talked to and met with many people throughout the county both individually and in groups to get input on a possible run for County Commissioner in 2019.   The response has been overwhelmingly positive and therefore about a month ago I decided that I would run in 2019."

He also said, "The County must continue to seek ways of creating more diverse and sustainable jobs.  Creating pathways to friendly and cooperative homes for businesses is critical and choosing target industries that fit and mesh with the county should lead to carefully planned success in growth."

"The most significant industry of the county is and will continue to be tourism and it reaches into nearly every part of the county," he said in his prepared comments.  "Tourism promotion in the county is funded through room tax and state legislation Act 18.  Through that act the county has an agreement with the PMVB [Pocono Mountain Visiitors Bureau] as the tourism promotion agency and the county manages that relationship through the Pike County Hotel Tax Board.   It is extremely important that the PMVB is held to task and keeps Pike County tourism moving forward with a strong voice."

Regarding healthcare, he stated, "Pike County is far underserved in Healthcare Services and Emergency Service providers.  As Pike County’s member of the Board of Trustees at one of the regions Hospital and Health systems my goal has always been to bring more service to Pike County."

Schmalzle stated that he, "is looking for a new challenge and also the opportunity to serve the county."

He has been sitting in with the Commissioners for about a week at this point but his title became official on Monday, July 2.

Schmalzle stated that he is impressed so far with the Commissioners and feels that he can contribute resources through his own experiences.

According to Schmalzle, this new position, "will be a good fit for me."

The Pike County Commissioners meeting was adjourned at 9:12 a.m. Pike County Commissioners normally meet on the first and third Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Administration Building, 506 Broad St., Milford, Pa.