HONESDALE - On June 15, The Wayne County Commissioners recognized the efforts of the men and women of the County Children and Youth Services Department for Child Welfare Professionals Appreciation Week.

CVS Director, Rosalyn Burke witnessed 1,200 children from 700 families go through the intake process last year, with 20 percent receiving ongoing services (including volunteers and those mandated by the court).

Commissioner Chairman Brian Smith recognizes just how hard CVS staff members work to protect children and preserve families and believes that their work is especially important in this day and age.

According to Smith, “Raising a family is not as easy as it was. Parents need a lot of help and support these days.”

Andy Whyte, Human Service Agency Director believes that most of the families that CVS works with appreciate the care, concern, and hope that the company brings forth.

In regards to Appreciation Week, Commissioner Wendell Kay explained that CVS does not look at the people they help as simple cases, but rather, as children and families.

Kay also believes that the county is blessed to have such a wide variety of staff of all ages, because it gives veteran staff members a chance to pass their knowledge on to the next generation of workers.

Commissioner Joe Adams actually gained first hand experience on the close relationships that CVS has with local schools while working for the CVS Advisory Board as a student in the 1970s.

Adams told Burke, “The care that everyone in your department displays is tremendous.”
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