GREENE TOWNSHIP - “Safe Haven of Pike County, Inc., serves victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes,” reminded Christina Byrne, Executive Director, addressing the Greene Township Board of Supervisors at their August meeting.

“Safe Haven has recently received grants to reach out to more rural areas of Pike County. We will come to Greene Township to serve,” she continued.

“One in eight kids live in a household with domestic violence. Safe Haven runs a child advocacy center and has a forensic interview room and medical exam room. During the past year 166 children were served,” Byrne said.

Safe Haven provides free and confidential services for adults, teens and children. Services provided include prevention education, crisis hotline, temporary housing for individuals and families fleeing domestic violence, empowerment advocacy, medical advocacy, school programs, support groups and mobile support services.

[Editor’s note: Their office is located in Milford.]

Safe Haven can be reached by calling 570-296-2827 or the hotline at 570-296-HELP.

Cable & broadband service

The Blue Ridge Communications franchise contract expired on May 5. Neither the supervisors nor their solicitor have heard from Blue Ridge in response to the supervisors' voiced concerns.

“I have contacted Laurel Highlands Total Communications Broadband (LHTC Broadband) and they are interested in providing service to Greene Township residents,” secretary Judy Kleeman reported. “They could take over if Blue Ridge leaves.”

“Reach out to the community, invite Laurel Highlands to come to a meeting,” advised Solicitor Jeffrey Treat. “Do they offer more or less or an equivalent rate?”

The supervisors agreed to request a representative from Laurel Highlands to come to the October 3, supervisors' meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Accident funding

“The fire company cannot bill insurance companies for response to truck and auto accidents without an ordinance to do so,” Supervisor Gary Carlton reported. “The fire company provides rescue and are called upon by the State Police to provide traffic services.”

“Approximately 90% of those involved in truck and auto accidents are not paying the township fire tax. We should consider the ordinance so that the fire companies can collect insurance monies for the cost of the rescue tools,” Carlton said.

“Fire companies provide a lot of hours in their assistance in accidents,” Supervisor Jerry Obert agreed.

The supervisors agreed that an ordnance be drafted to allow the fire companies to bill insurance companies for accidents.

In other business, the supervisors requested the Solicitor to write a letter to the property owners concerning a solid waste complaint on Sawmill Road, and agreed to purchase truck tire chains.

Greene Township supervisors meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the township offices on Brink Hill Road, Greentown.