Solar powered lighting has been installed in Bingham Park to illuminate the 9/11 Memorial and the flag on the pole next to it.

HAWLEY - Solar powered lighting has been installed in Bingham Park to illuminate the 9/11 Memorial and the flag on the pole next to it.

P.J. Dougherty, chairman of Hawley Parks & Recreation Commission, made the report at their meeting,Tuesday, August 28th. He said that the lights make three days to charge and the lights should be in use by Thursday.

Susan Baldwin, who helped oversee the 9/11 Memorial project and actually propose sit to Borough Council, has been pushing to have it lighted. She has expressed concern about vandalism. The lighting project was waiting for the rest room facilities and its electrical system to be completed.

This September 11th will be the seventh year since the memorial was dedicated and the 17th year since the 2001 terrorist attacks on America.

The annual 9/11 ceremony in Bingham Park is planned for Tuesday, September 11, at noon, said Bob Essex, who chairs the committee with Baldwin. The public is encouraged to attend.

Also discussed:

• Two pieces of broken playground equipment are to be repaired or replaced after Labor Day.

• Council, and Parks & Rec, are waiting for the opinion of the borough solicitor regarding allowing political rallies in Bingham Park. Orlando Marrera, a Hawley resident, is on the November ballot for the 139th District, PA House of Representatives. He asked permission to hold a rally in the park on September 29. The solicitor was asked to research the deed for the park concerning restrictions on how the park can be used.

• Grant applications for the Bingham Park revitalization project are still out, with word expected by late September or early October. Jim Shook stated that that they are looking to see how funds can be raised locally to revitalize the bandstand, rather than wait for a potential grant. he said the bandstand- which was built in 1932- is the “centerpiece” of the park and should not be put off till last if they can help it.

P.J. Dougherty stated that they wish to manage the costs while still maintaining quality. The bandstand needs to be made complaint with the Americans with Disabilities Act for access, while watching to protect its appearance.

• Dick Briden stated that the Trail Committee of Downtown Hawley Partnership is still working on the section along the old canal from The Settlers Inn to Compton’s private property, paralleling Route 6.

PennDOT has agreed to make a cut in the guide rail before Compton’s so that trail walkers may reach the PennDOT highway right-of-way and continue to the D&H Canal Park at Lock 31 towpath trail up the road.

The state has required, however, that a catch basin be put in where storm water from Route 6 meets the storm water from the trail.

• Mike Dougherty asked about a low spot by the bushes around the pump station in Bingham Park, across from Borough Hall (near where Park Place meets Route 6). He said that an enduring puddle forms there which is hard for people with disabilities to navigate around.

• Shook stated that some progress in the Bingham Park revitalization project needs to be shown first, before reaching out to governing entities beyond Hawley to ask for financial contributions. The idea is that Bingham Park attracts many more people than Hawley residents and is a benefit to the wider region.

Hawley Parks & Recreation meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at Borough Hall, 94 Main Avenue.