REGION - Green Party candidate John J. Sweeney has announced his run for Pa Senate 20th District. 

“It’s time for change in the 20th district,” Sweeney said. “It’s time for a senator who supports the residents of the district who worked so hard for independent redistricting. It’s time for a senator who sees the fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin as a protection, not a taking.  It’s time for a senator who supports working people and is not beholden to wealthy donors or party bosses,” concluded Sweeney.

In addition Sweeney opposes the wage tax increase in SB 76. 

“I support school property tax reduction, but not at the expense of working people.  Many of them are repaying student loans and this is an additional burden on them,” he said. “I’d rather see revenue generated from combined reporting of corporate income taxes to collect tax from corporations who are now avoiding it.”

Sweeney also supports Healthcare for all Pa, a living wage, legalizing cannabis, hemp as a cash crop for struggling farmers and turning Camp Archbald into a State Park.

Sweeney is endorsed by Action Together NEPA
and Pa. Our Revolution

Information about the Green Party of Pennsylvania is available at
More about Sweeney’s campaign can be found on Facebook at John J Sweeney 4 Pa Senate 20.  A website is under construction at