LACKAWAXEN TWP. - Before leaving the region for a new residence in New Jersey, Al Petrillo was recognized at the Lackawaxen Township August meeting for his service to the area and on the fire commission. Supervisor Chairman Michael Mancino called Petrillo a “beautiful guy” as he passed in his 60s and passed firefighter one and serving with the Forest Volunteer Fire Department, which is “incredible.” 

Mancino read a statement about Petrillo that recognized his dedication and service on the Lackawaxen Township Fire Commission. On the commission Petrillo chaired the fund appeal committee where he made changes and worked to “improve efficient and reduce cost.” Eventually, Mancino said Petrillo became chairman of the grant committee where he secured a $203,666 recruitment and retention grant from FEMA. What the commission has achieved in recent years would not have occurred without Petrillo.

Vito Manzione will replace Petrillo on the Lackawxen Township Fire Commission for Forest Volunteer Fire Department.

Investment Trust
In regards to the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust (PLGIT), the board placed $400,000 from liquid fuels into a six-month certificate of deposit in the FNCB Bank, as well as $55,000 from the capital reserve, $1 million from the general fund and $90,000 money market account conditioned on the bank providing a letter to Solicitor Tom Farley, pledging the assets will cover the amounts.   

By putting the funds in PLGIT, Farley said it is like putting the money in a stock because there is a chance of losing the money, which is not the case with banks. Township Treasurer Jim Syre only communicated with Honesdale National Bank, Dime Bank and Wayne Bank.  Before the motion was made, Mancino called it a “pretty serious motion” since the totals had to be listed, where they were taken from and where they were going.   

“Outside of the general funds” Syre said he doesn’t see the funds being used within six months; instead the funds used on the money market will remain in the checking account, but may be bumped down because of the fire and ambulance distribution. As for the banks, Shook said he wants to “stay local.” To which, Farley too said he likes local and wants the money to be “guaranteed.”

Also discussed:

The board chose Cohen Law Group to renegotiate the agreement between Blue Ridge Cable and the township. Farley said it will be a fixed fee that will not be more then $7,900. This decision he called “more than reasonable” because of the “time and effort” invested.

A bid package was created and will be advertised for the Case Bridge project. Bids will be opened at the October 15 monthly meeting.

Kiley Associates was chosen to create a bid package for ditches, pipes and culverts on Westcolang Road.

The board approved the distribution of the Lackawaxen Township Volunteer Ambulance Service’s portion of the liquid tax money in the amount of $17,440.21.

The board tabled the road maintenance work for Neil Thompson and Pine Forest Roads.

A grant for a new pavilion in Sunrise Park has been secured from the county and so, the board signed a contract with a $2,800 deposit was given.

Pioneer Pole was paid $7,081 upon the completion of a pavilion.

The board paid for the setup and implementation fee of $500 to Fran James for her tax collector ACI Universal Payment system.

There are pests in the township building and so, Pocono Pests was hired for a year in the amount of $424. 

A grant writing fee of up to $1,500 for Ecker-Haupt VFW Post 5635 was approve, that will cover the building maintenance repairs. 

Guide rail work was approved to be completed on Satellite Road. The work will remove 50 feet of cable wire and 175 feet of guide rail will be installed. The cost for the work is $2,650.

Guiderail work was done near Fawn Lake on Westcolang Road, but additional work is needed. The project will cost $845. The work was approved by the board. 

Due to recent storms, there are trees and limbs down in the township and so, the board approved the rental of a tree chipper.    

An expenditure from the bank money market account for $2,800 for a pavilion in Sunrise Park was approved. 

The bills of $72,352.71 to be paid from the general fund were approved. 

At a cost of $1,500 the building codebooks were approved to be updated.
      To replace the electric systems in the township building with a propane system, the board approved the $8,895.17 for Eastern Propane. The region or the change, Mancino explained that when power was lost during a storm, the issue was that the heating system in an area of the building is electric and the generator didn’t have enough power to operate the heaters.

Michelle Thompson was appointed to be the EMS representative for the fire commission for the next three years.  

Bill German was appointed to be the citizen representative of the Greeley Volunteer Fire Department for the next three years.    

A woman in the public questioned whose responsibility it is to remove tree debris that has been on the side of Rt. 590 in the township. She told the board she had tried to communicate with PennDOT, but that wasn’t the answer. Shook responded that the debris is from the storm last March, but he didn’t know who owned the property. The discussion ended with it being decided the township will look further into the matter. 

Earlier this year Colleen Weis and Christin Krausee who reside on Weber Road expressed their concerns about a lack of a cross walk, where campers often ran across without looking. Now that one has been installed Weis said it was the first year there weren’t “kids all over the road.” The installation of the crosswalks was “successful.” Krausee though, said the situation was “all right” but the could have “done a better job” by ensuring the “children follow the rules.” Shook noted that the situation was “much better.” In the end, Krausee said, she “felt safer driving, kids weren’t going to pop out.”

The next Lackawaxen Township supervisors’ meeting is scheduled Monday, September 17 at the township offices on Urban Road, immediately after the workshop which begins at 6:30 p.m.