The News Eagle welcomes all letters to the editor, on any topic or point of view. Contributors, however, must abide by the following guidelines.

Use of any contributed material is at the discretion of the editor and publisher.

Use of vulgar language or anything of bad taste must be avoided; personal attacks or anything that may be considered libelous will not be accepted.

Letters expressing thanks for local businesses that helped or made donations to some cause, etc., must be kept to a general statement rather than listing businesses.

Letters need to be original to the author rather than a copy of someone else’s published material.

Copyrighted material is not accepted, unless permission is obtained from the source.

Letters regarding an election candidate must be received at least 10 days before the election to allow time for a reply letter from the candidate.

Candidates for election may not campaign through letters to the editor.

Letter to the editor are subject to editing for word limit, clarity, spelling and grammar.

Text of letters are to be limited to 400 words or less.

Include the author’s name with the letter of publication. No anonymous letters or letters with “name withheld” are accepted.

Include the author’s daytime phone number for our reference in case we have any questions. This will not be published.

If possible, please email the letter to If email is not available, other forms of delivery may be used: regular mail, hand delivery or fax.

If a letter must be hand-written it must be clear and legible.

Once approved, the editor will strive to use it in the next available edition of The News Eagle.