LACKAWAXEN  TWP. - A source of food is in the midst of creation for any and all in need in Lackawaxen Township.

Since the first Block Party a few years ago, the annual event has been a day of fun and community spirit, as proceeds go to a local cause. The last two years’ collections however, marked the beginning for the Care Cabin.

After learning that many children in the township go without breakfast and lunch when not in school, Scott Furer rallied with friends to create the township’s very own food pantry. For two years now, planning has been underway and construction of the 24 by 32 in size Care Cabin finally began this summer.

Furer was surprised to discover that many of the nearby towns had pantries, but not Lackawaxen. Due to stigmas however, the pantry will be called the “Care Cabin” where anyone who needs foods or items like diapers can get what they need with no questions asked. The concept he said, is as simple as if a neighbor is in need, a bag can be filled and left on their porch because it’s about helping one’s neighbor. The reality though, he acknowledged people have pride and so they may not ask for help. There isn’t an application required or questions asked.

At the September township meeting, the board of supervisors decided up to $20,000 can go to the creation and supplying of the Care Cabin if the funds are needed. Additionally, donations from the Lake Region IGA and Lackawaxen Fire Commission have gone towards the Care Cabin said Furer.

Other businesses in the community have offered their skills too, with TCR Masonry doing the foundation at no cost for the building. It has been estimated Furer said, that the cost of the building could be $25,000 to $40,000. Many supplies have been donated, but some things are still needed.  

Having needed help at one point in his own life, Furer who owns the Lackawaxen Inn said perhaps that is why he has worked in the food industry his entire life, since he then knew he would always have a meal. Knowing the need firsthand, that is why Furer figures he cares so much for this cause.

For those who will seek assistance through the Care Cabin, Furer said it’s as simple as showing up and choosing what one needs. Food collections have already been coming in and they will continue with donations accepted at the township building located on Blue Eddy Road.

Furer said he would like to see the cabin open before Thanksgiving, and he knows it will get done. While he has been a part of the planning, he credited the many volunteers who did what was necessary for the Block Party and the project to become a success.

Growing up as a kid, Furer recalled there being block parties where neighbors came together to have fun and so, he wanted to create that in the township. Since the township is spread about, and there are some who need help, Furer said, “we’ve got to take care of our own.”

So items are available that will be needed, Furer welcomes feedback so specific needs are met for those who seek them. But, he noted that, the volunteers will not be filling peoples’ shopping lists. At the party with children nearby and people enjoying the day, Furer said he was excited the annual day is fun for everyone, since it is upsetting that people are struggling.

After dropping off seven bags at the party, Jodie Greenfeder told The News Eagle that she gave because people need food and since she can, she was “going to give.”

John and Marie Golden were at the party to support the Care Cabin. Marie said the day was about “giving back to the community.”