HAWLEY - Hawley Public Library is hosting an exhibit of paintings done by clients who participate in a program of Mneme Therapy® at Wayne County Adult Day Services in Hawley.

The program is facilitated by Mneme therapist Gwen Miller working with Art Without Boundaries, a professional organization with the mission to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and other related disorders of the brain by promoting Mneme Therapy®.

Ms. Miller stated,” Doing Mneme Therapy® feels a bit like a ministry. It almost always brings joy to the participant and that joy is contagious."

Mneme Therapy® uses everyday pleasures such as singing, movement, painting, and storytelling in a unique combination to stimulate dramatic changes in the brain. The goal of the therapy is to provide a rewarding experience for participants, but in addition, documented testimonies show significant improvement in some clients in verbal skills, mobility, combativeness, spatial acuity, understanding instructions, and much more.

The paintings will be on display at the library until November 15.

Library Director Deborah Corcoran stated, “We are delighted to have this exhibit at the library.

The reaction to these paintings is extraordinary. People are amazed by the beauty of the work.”
Hawley Public Library is located at 103 Main Ave., Hawley.