SCHOOL DAYS - Hoping to encourage children to read, an innovative library has been built outside of the Wallenpaupack North Primary School. Together, a team committed to children, collaborated and shared their talents to make a “free library.”

A box originally used to sell newspapers outdoors, was repurposed to house an array of books that would offer children a chance to read whatever their hearts desire. Principal Tony Cavallaro initiated the project after seeing a smilier library in his travels some time ago. Then, the ingenuity of all involved happened as Secretary Cathie Walpole used her artistic abilities and green thumb with Custodians Phil Horan and John Vandegriff who designed the box and did the surrounding landscape, with the help of Cavallaro’s wife adding a design to the library too.

Karllina Schmidt, the school guidance counselor, donated a picnic table, where the children can read and play games like tic-tac-toe and checkers that was crafted by those involved.

Set near a few fields on the school’s grounds, the free library is the perfect place for children, Cavallaro said, since they are in the area when their siblings are playing sports. The project was funded by a donation the class of 1967 gave to be used for a “good cause” as well as a monetary gift Cavallaro’s staff gave him last Christmas, to be used to pay it forward.

Cavallaro commended everyone involved as they brought the project to life using their skills, as well as those who continue to support the school. Students’ response thus far, has been good and it’s obvious they’re checking the books out because when the flap was opened, it was clear the books had been sorted through.