NARROWSBURG - The week of November 5th, the Narrowsburg Bridge over the Delaware River connecting PA to NY will open back up to two way traffic, PennDOT reported.

The temporary traffic signals that have been in place for six years will be turned off and removed. The three way intersection on the NY side will go back to a three way stop intersection.

The original  blinking warning light will be reinstalled on the NY side.

On May 25, traffic on the bridge switched over to the lane where a new closed-grid deck was installed to allow completion of the second phase by fall.

The bridge was reduced to a controlled single lane since August 2013. Discussion of a repair plan  was raised in 2015. An $12 million repair contact was let to D.A. Collins in 2017. The cost is being split evenly between Pennsylvania and New York departments of transportation.

Decking on either side of the span was replaced with a new closed-grid deck. Repairs and replacements were made to the sidewalks and bridge railings. The deck was covered with full depth, bituminous paving. There were also draining improvements,pavement markings  and work on the curbing and guide rial accomplished.

The bridge was built in 1953.