Our Opinion Page is a perfect place to publish a child's letter to Santa!

Our Opinion Page is a perfect place to publish a child’s letter to Santa!

Although we normally call the “Letters to the Editor,” that doesn’t mean the Editor is Santa. No way. I don’t mind flying in a jet, mind you, but climbing aboard an open sleigh and heading to the clouds pulled by a band of reindeer? Leave that for the real Saint Nick in the red suit.

People do, however, sometimes send “open letters” by way of the Editor.

Santa, by the way, has a paid subscription to The News Eagle (I tell myself), so we are assured he will read the letters.

Of course, he could look online, but whether there is web service at the Pole I have no idea. More likely some elf stops by with the sleigh and brings Santa his newspaper and other mail by air delivery.

So why send a separate letter when you can have it printed here?

If we receive too many letters to fit, we’ll always have space on our web site. There’s a good chance by now Santa is very connected with the latest social media and what not. That barbershop pole at the North Pole is more than a place to hitch his reindeer; it probably doubles as a communications tower.

Now that we have that figured out, here’s what to do: Children are invited to write their letter on paper and mail it to Peter Becker c/o The News Eagle, 8 Silk Mill Dr., Suite 101, Hawley, PA 18428 or drop it off. The letter may also be scanned and sent electronically to news@neagle.com. It is nice to see the child’s hand-written letter. If you really prefer, you can send the message typed in an email.

Please include the child’s first name, age and town.

Only the child’s first name will appear in print (Santa has the full name on file anyway.)

Note: We realize every family does not celebrate Christmas. Their children may also send their “wish list” even if not addressed to Santa Claus.

Letters must be received no later than Friday, December 16, 2018.