A million dollar grant is awaiting final approval, for a proposed, primary health facility to occupy the warehouse building on the grounds of the Hawley Silk Mill.

HAWLEY - A million dollar grant is awaiting final approval, for a proposed, primary health facility to occupy the warehouse building on the grounds of the Hawley Silk Mill.

Justin Genzlinger representing Hawley Silk Mill LLC, said that the facility immediately down the hill from the Silk Mill will be developed for primary care, behavioral health services and drug and alcohol treatment services. If all goes on schedule, he said he hopes to be able to announce the tenant in early 2019, and to begin construction in about six months, or mid-2019.

What is envisioned, he said, is a new primary care facility, not in competition with other medical facilities but helping to fill the demand for medical services. Genzlinger stated that input and studies have shown that there remains a lack of primary care availability in the area.

The new facility, he said, would rather support other medical services by allowing them to have more capacity.

The warehouse facility is two floors, totaling 18,000 square feet. Dedicated parking will be provided on a lot that was created near the Hawley Silk Mill gate, nearby. This lot was approved by the Borough with the intention to use it for parking once the warehouse is developed for new business clients.

Economic development grant

The projected cost to renovate the steel warehouse and bring the services here would be over $3 million, Genzlinger said.The $1 million grant money, he stated, will cover anywhere from one-fourth to one-third of the cost and make the rent more affordable.

Wayne County Commissioners issued a resolution on February 22, 2018 to apply for the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Grant (RACP) from the Office of the Budget, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on behalf of the Hawley Silk Mill LLC.

On May 29, the commissioners were notified by the Office of the Governor that the project was authorized to proceed with a formal application and a release of $1,000,000 in RACP funds.

Another resolution was passed by the Wayne County Commissioners in November to proceed as the applicant for the grant, authorizing the Hawley Silk Mill LLC to submit a formal application by the due date of November 29, 2018.

As the primary sponsor of the application, the County is responsible to ensure that the funds are used for economic development in a timely manner and to ensure that the minimum 50% match in non-state funds s secured prior to submission.

The grant comes from the PA Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED).
Genzlinger said that the application has been made and that they await final action by the state, hopefully by the end of 2018.

Job creation

“We are pleased that Justin and The Hawley Silk Mill received the RACP grant for $1,000,000 to expand the Silk Mill,” Commissioner Joseph Adams said. “Justin’s vision of providing primary care, mental health and drug/alcohol services to Hawley and all of southern Wayne and northern Pike citizens is very much needed.”

Adams stated that they are also excited about the jobs that will be created through the construction phase, the full time employment opportunities the facility will provide and the added tax base for the Borough, School and County.

He noted, “Justin and his partners have invested tens of millions of dollars in projects in our community, pay substantial taxes, and provide hundreds of jobs for our citizens. This project grant is an example of a great public/private partnership and a wonderful opportunity for all.”

In June 2016, Wayne Memorial Health Centers and Wayne Memorial Hospital presented the results of a Community Health Needs Assessment. This assessment surveyed the healthcare priorities in the Pike and Wayne Counties, and the Carbondale area. The process is repeated every three years.

Lisa Chapeau, Public Relations Manager, said that while it is extremely difficult to recruit primary care providers and behavioral health psychiatrists, these services proposed at the Hawley Silk Mill campus support the needs that were identified in 2016.

Complements Hawley Medical Center

The new medical facility, Genzlinger stated, will complement the Hawley Medical Center on the other side of town, at the corner of Route 6/ Hudson Street and Spruce Street. The Center, which was developed mainly by the same investors and opened in 2010, features an urgent care facility and a physical therapy facility.

Hawley Silk Mill LLC’s investors include Justin Genzlinger, his parents Grant and Jeanne Genzlinger, his uncle, John Shuman and also Anthony Waldron,Esq.

Commissioner Adams expressed thanks to DCED, Governor Wolf, Senator Lisa Baker and Representative Michael Peifer for their on-going support of projects in our community.

“Brian Smith, Wendell Kay and I are committed to economic sustainability for our County and providing necessary services for our citizens,” Adams stated. “This project will contribute in every way.”

The warehouse was erected in the 1990’s by the owner of Castle Antiques & Reproductions, which occupied the silk mill building at that time.