HONESDALE - The Wayne County Arts Alliance (WCAA) and the Art-A-Pelago Gallery are presenting new exhibits of art quilts in all three locations in Honesdale. Exhibition opening receptions will be on January 12  6 to 9 p.m.  All three artists will be at the receptions, come and meet them.

"Stories from the Scraps," is an exhibition of eleven art quilts by visiting German fiber artist Andrea Jasmine Schwenk. The exhibition, Ms. Schwenk's first in the United States, will be housed at Art-A-Pelago's "Paros" Gallery, in the D.J. Harvey Agency offices at 815 Main Street.

Art quilts by WCAA member Linda Krause will be at the “Anafi” Gallery at Bodi Tree 214 6th St Suite B.  Art quilts by WCAA member Janet Gaglione will be at the “Thasos” Gallery at Black & Brass Coffee  520 Main Street.

Art quilting goes beyond the familiar geometric patterns of most American quilting, to convey narratives, moods, and portraits. "The point of my quilts," says Ms. Schwenk, "is not perfect execution. There are many quilters here in America who do this much better than I. I am trying to express feelings and tell stories, by painting with cloth and thread."

Some of her quilts incorporate other arts. Ms. Schwenk has also been a "lampworker," creating glass bead jewelry such as is featured on her portrait of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Others involved poems stitched into the fabric, written in collaboration with Honesdale writer Skip Mendler.

Linda Krause’s art features bright and unexpected combinations of color and disparate influences including her love of nature to various cultural manifestations.

Many of her quilts reflect her time spent in Australia and embody thematic influences of Aboriginal art, culture and natural surroundings. “I work in a non-traditional way and although I basically plan my imagery, much of the time I let the designs dictate what happens.”

Janet Gaglione’s art quilts began with traditional designs and have expanded to present quilts in unexpected places.  Her background in theatrical costume and lighting design have contributed to her eye for combining light and color.

For more information, contact Dave Harvey at 570-470-5549, or visit the WCAA webpage at waynecountyartsalliance.org.