LAKE TWP. - Two State Police troopers were assaulted while confronting a man walking on Advent Road, Friday, January 11. Michael A. Casabianca was subsequently arrested and charged with Resisting Arrest and Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer.

The incident took place at 2:50 p.m., once PA State Police, Honesdale responded to a call that a man was seen walking about that had numerous warrants against him.

Trooper Carl Szymanski arrived and saw Casabianca walking on Advent Road towards Route 191, in Lake Township. The trooper told Casabianca to come to his vehicle because he had warrant for him.

Casabianca refused to comply and began to walk away.

Trooper Szymanski then grabbed Casabianca in an attempt to put him custody.

According to police, Casabianca immediately began to resist the arrest by grabbing Trooper Szymanski by the head and neck. Casabianca then scratched and gouged at the eyes of Trooper   Szymanski repeatedly while trying to escape. Casabianca  then head-butted Trooper Szymanski in the face at least two times.

Casabianca continued to struggle with Trooper Szymanski until he was able to free himself from Trooper Szymanski’s grasp. Casabianca then fled on foot.

According to the State Police report, Casabianca caused several injuries to Trooper Szymanski including numerous scratch and gouge marks on his face, gouge marks on his left eye ball, numerous scratches on his throat, neck and chest, possibly a broken nose, cuts and gouge marks in and on his mouth, bruises and cuts on his right knee and leg.

Trooper Randall Troiani and Trooper Terrance Branning subsequently located Casabianca and placed him into custody. Then as they were walking the defendant towards the police vehicle, Casabianca spit on the right cheek and eye of Trooper Troiani causing him to come into contact with the salvia and blood of Casabianca.