HONESDALE - Jocelyn Cramer has recently announced her campaign for Wayne County Commissioner. She is trying for the democratic nomination.

Jocelyn has been very active in the community since moving here full time in 2011. In her former role as Executive Director of SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support), Jocelyn worked with the Wayne County Commissioners and Wayne Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO) on the Wayne Tomorrow initiative.

“I have tremendous respect for our County Commissioners and a deep devotion to Wayne County. I’d be honored to serve as a fellow Commissioner and lend my skills to the management and leadership of Wayne County” said Cramer. Wayne County has a three person Board of Commissioners, who serve four year terms. The municipal elections are later this year.

Jocelyn was born and raised in neighboring Lackawanna County. She graduated from Scranton Preparatory High School, studied Theatre/Communications at the State University of New York in Binghamton, lived in Providence Rhode Island for two years while attending Trinity Rep Conservatory, and then moved to Boston where she started her first production company. A few years later, she moved to Manhattan, and remained there for twenty years.

During that time, Jocelyn co-founded a theatre production company on New York City’s lower east side. She served as its Executive Director for eight years, producing and directing dozens of productions, and leading all publicity, marketing and fundraising efforts. She later transitioned to business management and was Vice President of Operations for a mid-size human resources consulting firm, overseeing payroll, benefits and the pension fund for over three hundred employees.  Eight years later, Jocelyn accepted a position at Bear Stearns and Co and remained there until the firm was sold to JP Morgan Chase in 2008. She stayed on for another three years before moving to Wayne County full-time in 2011.

Her Wayne County heritage

In 2000, Jocelyn purchased a small cabin in Wayne County, home of her great-great grandparents Julius Augustus Baldwin and Thomasine (Tamzen) Spry, who lived in Beach Lake.

Since the late 1800’s, her mother’s side of the family has regularly celebrated family reunions in Beach Lake, with the exception of the years during the Second World War.

Jocelyn has attended reunions at Beach Lake’s Central House since she was a small child. Her great-great aunts, Isabel and Keturah Baldwin penned Your Heritage in Beach Lake, published in 1957, a book that chronicles the history of Beach Lake and lists the lineage of many Beach Lake families. Jocelyn is 5th generation of the Baldwin family of Beach Lake and is planning an updated release of “Your Heritage at Beach Lake” with her mother Lenore, a retired retail business owner.  

Jocelyn’s parents, Lenore and Ray Cramer moved to Honesdale last year from Dalton, after her father’s retirement from a piano teaching career of more than sixty years. “I chose Wayne County for my future, in no small part due to my family’s history here” said Cramer.

Employment and volunteering

Jocelyn has enjoyed weekends in Wayne County since 2000. In 2007 she was elected to the Board of Directors of her home owner’s association, Cobbs Lake Preserve. She also served on their forestry committee for ten years. She fell in love with both the area, and her now husband Michael Rollison, who is a VP Commercial Loan Officer at The Honesdale National Bank, and an active community volunteer. In 2011, Jocelyn moved to Wayne County full-time and she and Michael married.  

She served as the Executive Director of SEEDS, a highly-regarded local non-profit environmental education organization from 2013 - 2018. Jocelyn now serves on the SEEDS Board and is an active volunteer.  She also serves on the Board of Directors of The Cooperage Project and The Sustainable Energy Fund of Allentown, serving on their Finance Committee. 

Jocelyn continues to serve as a volunteer on Wayne Tomorrow, and is a member of Wayne County’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

Jocelyn and husband Michael are members of the PA Farm Bureau and the Clean Energy Co-Op. They are both deeply committed to smart economic growth in our region, and are passionate about shopping, banking, eating and investing locally.

Mike is currently the President of the Wayne County Habitat for Humanity organization, an executive officer of Wayne Pike Building Industry Association, and a Board Member for the NEPA Alliance Business Finance Corporation.

“Jocelyn would be a perfect complement to our Board of Commissioners”, says Rollison. “She will bring great ideas and energy. I haven’t known her to be afraid of any challenge, and in fact, she has real courage and grit. For those of you that don’t know her well, she’s incredibly positive and always smiling.” Mike and Jocelyn live in Damascus with 2 dogs, and enjoy the great outdoors and traveling whenever possible.

“This is going to be a very exciting year. Wayne County voters get a choice for their Board of Commissioners” she explains. “Now I want to get to know more residents of Wayne County, so I can best represent you and your interests.” 

Jocelyn has two goals: to be elected to the Wayne County Board of Commissioners, and to have a record breaking turn-out for this year’s municipal elections. “Local government is strengthened by greater participation.”

To learn more, or to become involved, you can email jocelyncramer@yahoo.com or call 570-245-5020; Facebook/Cramer4Commissioner.