PIKE COUNTY — Randy Schmalzle, business owner and lifelong resident of Pike County is seeking election to the position of Magisterial District Judge for Blooming Grove, Palmyra and Greene townships.

As a candidate running for Magisterial District Judge, Schmalzle said he is asking for the opportunity to stand and honestly, and objectively administer justice, provide stability and hands on support to the community to protect the people from injustices. And, to stand as a proven community leader using the office to bring community leadership to our schools to teach our children the importance of justice, obeying the law, and actively taking responsibility for the decisions they make as young adults.

Why is he running

When asked, "Why do you want to do this?" His answer is simply… “I simply want to put into the Magisterial Judge position everything that I am as a person, a business owner, and a school and community leader.”

“My integrity and reputation as a law-abiding and contributing member of the community, along with my experience in arbitrating challenging and sensitive issues amongst customers, employees, and vendors, will help me to render fair decisions,” Schmalzle continued.

“And, I believe my extensive business and financial background will allow me to bring a business-like approach to the office. I want to serve the people of Pike County honorably and humbly as a full time judge.”

His first priority

He continued, “I have no hidden agendas or answer to any special interests groups. My #1 priority will be to the people of my district and their court. I pledge only hard work, common sense, fairness, integrity, professional and proven leadership, and progressive and proactive thinking while I represent the people, the court and the communities we live in.”

The candidate added, “I feel I am capable of performing to the highest standards of the court, I believe I have the right personality, disposition and experience in business to deal with the public in a fair, straightforward, empathetic manner in the courtroom. I will ensure that the community will be served and the rights of everyone protected. It would be an honor to serve the people in my community as their District Judge.”

“I don't believe in using the qualities that are needed to represent the people as a judge in a superficial manner during a campaign just to get a vote,” Schmalzle said. “I don’t believe in making promises that I can't keep, and I'll never sacrifice my principles for personal gain or favor.”

Schmalzle continued, “I am not in it for the job or the status. I am in it to uphold the integrity and responsibilities of the position of judge to the people of Blooming Grove, Palmyra and Greene Townships of Pike County, Pennsylvania.”

About the candidate:

Randy and his wife MaryHelen have lived in Pike and Wayne counties their entire lives, they raised their children Corey and Ty in Lords Valley. Living for more than 50 years in Pike County Randy has seen the tremendous growth in population, development and change from a rural community to a busy and diverse community. He is a graduate of Wallenpaupack School District and Shippensburg University with a Degree in Administration of Justice.

Through community service Randy has been a part of change, first serving on the Planning Commission in Hawley helping to ensure the community grew properly while protecting the spirit of a small town.  He served as a Blooming Grove Township Supervisor for 15 years, serving as Chairman for eight years.  As a Supervisor, he dealt with municipal governance, property owner matters, continuing growth and emergency services in the township.

Randy is an entrepreneur, with his brother and their families they have operated successfully a local ski business and a family fun park for nearly 20 years. Randy has also managed a local residential community for 10 years where fiscal responsibility, resource management, legal compliance and working with members, contractors and local government are required daily.

Randy is also active in the community, coaching track and field at Wallenpaupack High School, he is a vintage car enthusiast, member of the Hawley Gun Club, sponsor of the Area’s Special Olympics ski activities and is a snow sports enthusiast.

For campaign updates go to Facebook @randyschmalzleforjudge.
Judge Shannon Muir recently announced that she is not running for a second term for District Court in Blooming Grove, Palmyra and Greene townships.