Wallenpaupack Area's varsity golf team keeps piling up the wins

So far, so good for Buckhorns golf this season.

Senior players Alex Pillar, Jack Mowatt, and Nick Hamer have been doing a solid job at leading the Paupack team while younger members have been stepping up to provide crucial wins throughout the first half of the schedule.

Opening Rounds

Wallenpaupack Area boys varsity golf teed off for their regular season against North Pocono on August 20.

Fantastic weather graced the Trojans inaugural match at their new home, Elmhurst Country Club, but it would be the Buckhorns' day.

Alex Pillar, Alex Davies, Jack Mowatt, and Nick Hamer all won for Paupack while Evan Reginski tied with NP’s Dan Evans. Steve McNultly took the only match for North Pocono.

The Bucks won better ball 2.5-0.5 to seize the afternoon, 7-2.

Downpours broke out mid-way through the bout against Delaware Valley at Woodloch Springs on August 22. It was a clean sweep in match play for the Bucks. Pillar, Trevor Reginski, Evan Reginski, Davies, Hamer, and Mowatt all beat out their Warrior opponents.

DV managed a half-point in better ball but at the close, Paupack scored an 8.5-0.5 victory.

Paupack would run into some hard luck at Glen Oak when they challenged Abington Heights the following afternoon. Jackman Tournament champs, the Comets continued to show their dominance on the links, soundly beating the Bucks 9-0 winning all six matches and three better balls.

Both Pillar and Abington’s Troy Kelleher close the day under par in very close contention.

Back on Track

The Bucks got back on track on Aug.27. Back on their home course, they greeted Valley View on a hot afternoon but cooled the Cougars by sending them home with a 5.5-3.5 loss.

Pillar, Davies, Trevor Reginski, and Hamer all claimed wins for Paupack while Dom Verrastro and Tony Carmadella struck for Valley View. Both clubs tied at 1.5 for better ball.

It was a hot afternoon at Pine Hills on Aug.28. Facing West Scranton Pillar and Sam Taboni tied while T.Reginski, E.Reginski, Davies, Hamer, and Mowatt all took their matches.

The Purple & White also had all three better balls giving them an 8.5-0.5 score over the Invaders.

Beautiful weather was on tap for the Buckhorns visit to Scranton Municipal of Aug. 30 when they tangled with the boys from Scranton High. Pillar, Hamer, Trevor Reginski, Ethan Reginski, and Davies all outshot their competitors while Pat McCormick took the only match for the Knights.

The Buckhorns won all three better ball matches and walked away with a 8-1 win.

Paupack welcomed Honesdale on Sep.7 under fair skies at Woodloch Springs. The Buckhorns bested the Hornets 6-3 with Pillar, Davies, Mowatt, and Hamer all taking their matches. Max Land and Aiden Petrozsewski took their matches for the Maple City gents and Paupack won 2-of-3 on better ball.

The Buckhorns moved to 7-1 in league play on Sep.11 when North Pocono visited Woodloch Springs.

The Trojans improved since their initial outing but not to the point where they could take a victory. The overcast and muggy afternoon would end with a light sprinkle and another Paupack win.

Pillar, A.J. Keller, Davies, and Hamer all took their matches while Steve McNulty and Jake Millan were winners for NP. Each team won, lost, and split a better ball.

Simons Says

Paupack Head Coach Bob Simons is optimistic for the Buckhorns’ chances at finishing near the top of the pack in Division 1 play, however, it’s going to be a tight race to the finish.

“Abington has no losses and they’re going to be tough to beat,” said the Buckhorn skipper coming into the latest round versus the Trojans. “We have one loss, Honesdale only has two, Valley View is right behind them with three, and North Pocono has four.

“We’ve got to beat North Pocono, Valley View, and Honesdale to get the second seed and be at home for the playoffs.”

Simons noted that all three initial matches against the Cougars, Trojans, and Hornets were close.

Knocking off North Pocono a second time this past week does help the Buckhorns’ cause. However, the Paupack coach knows the rest of the card is anything but a cake walk.

“I’m very pleased with how the team is doing,” Simons said. “Pillar and Mowatt have been the steadiest for us, but every match someone steps up and gets us the points we need. If we keep doing what we’re doing I think we’ll be all right.”

Pre-Districts are right around the corner, on Sept.19, District Individual Championships take place Oct. 1 at Elmhurst, and District Team Championships are slated for Oct. 5 at Fox Hill.